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    The Mission Statement for the Real Estate IRA University™ is to: Changing the Way Everyone (Not Just the Rich) Saves and Invests for Retirement.

    Because of the fact that real estate investors can successfully plan for retirement without any appreciation in real estate values, we believe that everyone should build a clearly defined and date specific retirement plan with real estate as a core investment holding and then add stocks and bonds for liquidity and diversification.

    The Real Estate IRA University™ is dedicated to educating real estate professionals and financial advisors how to utilizing time-tested methods and techniques for their clients. We believe that it is more prudent to live off the income from your investments as opposed to cannibalizing your investments to survive in retirement.

    We want every Certified Real Estate IRA Specialist™ and Certified Real Estate IRA Advisor™ to be passionate in their desire to help change the way everyone saves and invests for retirement. Together we can make a huge difference in the world one family at a time.

Certification Options

A Real Estate IRA University Certification will afford you the knowledge and credentials to be able to confidently and competently implement the options available within a Self Directed Retirement Account.

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Looking to develop a plan with a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Investment Advisor, Wealth Management Advisor or Asset Management Specialist, our staff can help.