What is a Certified Real Estate Retirement Specialist™ or CRERS™

A Certified Real Estate Retirement Specialist™ (CRERS™) specializes in real estate based financial planning for retirement.  Each CRERS™ has a thorough understanding and highly specialized knowledge of how and why most forms investment real estate can help their clients retire early with substantial less money invested, stay happily retired and leave a lasting legacy. CRERS™ is a real estate professional that provides the real estate based financial planning for retirement.

The first step in the financial planning for retirement process is to have the client fill out and complete the exercises in Jeff Sibel CFP’s book entitled “The 15-Minute Retirement Planner”.  Once your client has filled out and completed the exercises they will quickly realize that they cannot ever retire using their traditional method of saving and investing in CDs, bonds, stocks, and annuities.

CRERS™ provide comprehensive real estate based investing expertise by creating and implementing real estate based financial planning techniques taught in the CRERS™ home study course.

Benefits of a Certified Real Estate Retirement Specialist™ (CRERS™)

The 15-Minute Retirement Planner You will be able to leverage Jeff Sibel CFP’s books entitled “The 15-Minute Retirement Planner” to build your real estate based financial planning practice that provides a much deeper and more personally rewarding relationships. After you complete the home study course you can have Jeff Sibel CFP you and your clients create a highly achievable and date specific retirement plan using real estate as the core investment holding. Jeff Sibel CFP offers Complimentary Consultations, where he will review you and your clients’ current retirement plan at no cost or obligation to see if you or your clients’ are on track to achieve their dream retirement.

Real Estate Investors You will be able to calculate Required Retirement Income Need by using the worksheet included in the home study course. You will be able to calculate the Income Needed from Investments using the worksheet included in the home study course. You will calculate the Target Real Estate Portfolio Size that a real estate investor will need to provide the necessary retirement income. You will use the Price Income Multiplier (PIM) Worksheet to calculate the PIM. You will analyze investment real estate to arrive at Net Monthly Rental Income and how to calculate how much real estate the client will need to acquire to accomplish the retirement income goals. You will have your clients fill out the Purchase Price per Unit vs. Income Need Tables Worksheet, so they will understand how much income they will receive in today’s dollars. You will use the Real Estate Retirement Planning Tables Worksheet to demonstrate how much down payment they will need acquire the appropriate amount of real estate to accomplish their retirement income goals. Then you will use the Target Stock Portfolio Size vs. Real Estate Down Payment Needed Worksheet to demonstrate how much less a real estate investor needs to investor retire early with substantially less money invested.

Stock Investors You will not give any type of stock or securities related investment advice. You will only give real estate based financial planning for retirement advice. But, you will understand how a Certified Real Estate IRA Advisors™ calculates a Target Stock Portfolio Size. You use Jeff Sibel CFP’s two books entitled “The 15 Minute Retirement Planner” and the “Real Estate IRA Retirement Planning Guide” to help the client understand how to use real estate to retire sooner and with less money than a stock or annuity investor.

Annuity Investors You will understand why annuities are horrible insurance products and why every client should create their own Real Estate Income Annuity.

19 Reasons to Own Real Estate

You will use a Special Report entitle “19 Reasons to Own Real Estate by Jeff Sibel CFP as a “Drop off” piece to assist the real estate based financial planning for retirement client relationship:

Reason #1: High Return with NO Appreciation If an investor pays cash to buy income producing real estate, their income is usually 6 to 12 times more that an diversified stock portfolio after management expenses. When you use good leverage you can turn a small amount invested into a tidy sum. Example: If you want to retire in 15 years, you can usually put a third of the sales price down, pay off the mortgage in 15 years and triple your money in 15 years with no appreciation. Stock investors can’t do that!

Reason #2: Less Expensive to Manage Stock investors usually pay about 150% to 212% more that real estate investors to have professionally managed stock funds and private money managers charge from 1.5% to 2.5% and this expense usually wipes out any net dividend income. On a $150,000 stock investment, that is expense of $2,250 to $3,750. Stock investors never understand how expensive professional money management is because they never receive a bill. Management fees are expensed out without them ever seeing a bill or understanding the hidden costs.

If a real estate investor has their $150,000 property professionally managed, it will probably cost them about $900 to 1,200. Less if you give the property manager more than one property to manage. That expense will be paid out of the gross rental income and the real estate investor will still enjoys a good net rate of return after expenses even with no appreciation in real estate values.

Reason #3: Investing in Real Estate Makes Planning for Retirement Easy With real estate you can put a small amount of money down, secure a mortgage that matches your preferred retirement date and pay off the mortgage. You only need to buy enough real estate that will provide your required retirement income when the mortgages are paid off.

Reason #4: Investing in Real Estate Makes in Retirement Planning Easy If you are retired you only need to buy enough real estate that will provide the income you need. If you live off the rental income, you should never need to touch the principal. This is quite different from CD, bond, stock and annuity investors that must cannibalize their principal to maintain purchasing power in most years.

Reason #5: You Can Afford to Retire. You usually can afford to retire on your preferred retirement date.

Reason #6: Easier to Save Investing in real estate requires substantially less money invested than stock investors.

Reason #7: Tax Advantages Outside an IRA You are able to depreciate and write off most expenses relating to the real estates. This increases your net return.

Reason #8: Tax Advantages Inside an IRA Depending on whether your IRA is a Traditional Real Estate IRA or a Roth Real Estate IRA you account enjoys tax-deferred or tax-free income and growth.

Reason #9: Tax Deferred Gains When you buy a property and never sell it, you have deferred your capital gains. Then you want to upgrade your investment to a property in a better area or one that offers a better rate of your return, you can complete a Tax-Deferred 1031 Exchange.

Reason #10: Rental Income Pays Off the Mortgage Real estate offers high monthly rental income that can be used to pay off the mortgage that will coincide with your preferred retirement date.

Reason #11: Good Leverage By using good leverage, you control more real estate than if you paid cash for the real estate. Good leverage allows you to invest less money for every dollar of future retirement income. Leverage also magnifies the return.

Reason #12: Mortgage Amortization Whenever you purchase real estate with a mortgage, each mortgage payment slowly pays off the mortgage. This increases your equity and return!

Reason #13: High Return with Little Appreciation Real estate beats the stock market in most decades because it provides high return with no appreciation. The average rental provides a net rental income yield of 6.5% to 7% with no appreciate. If you secure a mortgage and the real estate increase at the rate of inflation, real estate returns beat the net returns of the stock market in 11 out of the last 14 decades.

Reason #14: Increase in Rental Income Over Time Rental rates increase at or above the rate of inflation. This means that your retirement income will increase over time.

Reason #15: Increase in Real Estate Values Over Time You can live off the rental income in retirement and the real estate usually averages at or above the rate of inflation over time.

Reason #16: Predictable Return with Less Risk The stock market has too much risk for no probable return. Real estate is safer because it offers a high predictable current yield in the form of rental income. If your real estate is owned outright, then you have predictable income and will also enjoy appreciation in the value of your real estate. If you use good leverage, you enjoy a high return with no appreciation.

Reason #17: Inflation is Your Friend Inflation increases your rental rates over time. Those rental increases help you maintain purchasing power. The value of your real estate will also increase. If you have a mortgage, inflation reduces the real principal balance each year.

Reason #18: Control Owning real estate allows you to control your financial and retirement future. If a property that you own is no longer providing the returns you want or require, you can sell it or 1031 Exchange it. If you don’t like the management, you can fire them and hire better managers.

Reason #19: Peace of Mind When planning for retirement you have the peace of mind in know that if you buy enough real estate that once the properties are paid off that you can retire and can live off the rental income for the rest of your life without touching the principal.

21 Mistakes

You will use a Special Report entitled “The 21 Worst Retirement Planning Mistakes—and how to avoid outliving your money” as a “Drop Off” piece to help with the financial planning for retirement process. Here are 21 of the worst retirement planning mistakes:

  • Not Being Able to Save Enough Money to Retire as a Stock Investor
  • Outliving Your Money in Retirement
  • Not Understanding Why Volatility and Sequence of Returns Matters
  • Not Understanding the Consequences of One Down Year
  • Not Adjusting for the Impact of Two Consecutive Down Years
  • Accepting “Bull” Market Returns
  • Not Timing the Stock Market
  • Thinking Stocks Provide a Better Return than Real Estate
  • Confusing Income with Cash Flow
  • Not Having a Clearly Defined Investment Objective
  • Not Recognizing the Real Cost of Bad Investment Advice
  • Using Inflated Stock Market Return Estimates
  • Being Misled by the Term “Average” Return
  • Not Using Real Estate to Fund Your Retirement
  • Forgetting the Fundamental Laws of Supply and Demand
  • Not Owning Real Estate During Inflationary Periods
  • Investing in Stocks During Inflationary Periods When Saving for Retirement
  • Not Understanding the Impact of Inflation When Living Off a Stock Portfolio
  • Owning Bonds During Inflationary Periods
  • Taking Advice from the Wrong Financial Advisors
  • Being Sold an Annuity

Can You Afford to Retire?

Each CRERS™ will have access to other “drop off” brochures like:  How to Retire Now, How to Retire in 5 Years, How to Retire in 10 Years, How to Retire in 15 Years, How to Retire in 20 Years, How to Retire in 25 Years and last but not least, the brochure that makes the phones ring off the hook:  How to Retire Early Investing 100 Bucks a Week.

Real Estate IRA/401K Rules

You will understand contribution rules and limits. IRS Approved IRA Investment. What a Prohibited Transaction? Benefits of a Traditional IRA and 401K.  Benefits of a Roth IRA and 401K.

The 27 Most Common Real Estate IRA Questions

Such as: What is an IRA? What is a Real Estate IRA? Can the real estate agent that sold me my house help me with my Real Estate IRA purchase?

Understanding Your Retirement Savings Options

This section will change your life.

You Will Learn How to Build a Family Fortune from a Real Estate IRA and 401K

You Will Learn the Financial Planning Benefits of a Roth Real Estate IRA

How to Build a Real Estate Investment Team of Professionals You will learn how to build an All-Star Team of Professionals

Time-Tested Approach to Retirement Planning

Having a real estate based financial plan for retirement that is clearly defined and has a date-specific income objective is crucial to achieving your retirement goals. Our investing approach begins with a simple truth: It is impossible to accomplish any retirement goal if you don’t know where you are going and how to get there. You will be able to create a real estate based retirement plan.

Market Niche

The focus of the Certified Real Estate Retirement Specialist™ home study course is to show the Specialists how they can use real estate to accomplish their clients’ retirement planning goals inside and outside of their IRA, 401K and other retirement plan. With the knowledge you gain from the Certified Real Estate Retirement Specialist™ home study course, you can demonstrate to your clients how to build a highly achievable and date specific retirement plans using real estate as a core investment holding to be able to retire early with less money invested. As a Certified Real Estate Retirement Specialist™, you will have virtually no competition.

After becoming certified, you will possess the highly specialized knowledge and in-depth understanding of the real estate based retirement planning.

Potentially Earn $50,000 to $250,000 More Income

Not everyone you know wants or needs to buy or sell a personal residence, but everyone you know wants to learn how to retire early with less money invested and stay happily retired. The average household needs $50,000 in annual retirement income. That is approximately $750,000 in real estate sales per client. At a 3% commission rate, you can potentially earn about $22,500 from each client. If you advise 12 families a year on a more practical way to retire and they invest in $750,000 worth of real estate, then you should earn approximately $270,000 in gross annual commission income.

Success Seminar

As a Certified Real Estate Retirement Specialist™ (CRERS™) you will be able to leverage your knowledge and expertise to sell more real estate. Every CRERS™ will have University’s library of brochures, handouts, Power Point Presentations, sample business cards, sample letterhead and much, much more . They will conduct monthly Retirement, Investment and/or Financial Planning Seminar Series. You only need to help organize the seminars and invite your clients! We recommend having all your fellow real estate professionals in your office also invite their friends, family and clients. By utilizing a monthly Seminar Series conducted by a Certified Real Estate IRA Advisor™, you are able show your friends, family and clients how and why they should change from investing most of their money in the volatile stock market to investing primarily in real estate for predictable returns and financial planning results. For Advisors, the University has a pre-packaged Seminar Series of different topics to keep the seminars fresh.

A Better Designation

Jeff Sibel CFP once had the GRI, CRS, ABR and ePRO designations. These designations mostly taught theory, provide little application and practical information on how to build a highly successful niche real estate based financial planning practice. Similar to when you first took the state real estate licensing examination, you learned a lot of real estate law and theory but the licensing exam did not prepare you to list and sell real estate. This is what makes our designation so revolutionary.

The Certified Real Estate Retirement Specialist™ (CRERS™) designation is very different.

We teach you how and why everyone should be buying and selling investment real estate inside and outside of Real Estate IRAs, 401Ks and other retirement plans to create a date specific retirement plan to retire early with less money invested.

After you have taken the Certified Real Estate Retirement Specialist™ (CRERS™) home study course, you will learn the theory, but most importantly, you will learn the practical application of how and why you should build a niche real estate based financial planning practice. You will dominate what used to be your competition. But, most importantly, you will become passionate about helping everyone (not just the rich) change the way they save and invest for retirement. You receive a “Specialist Quick Start” (which includes ideas on mail outs, postcards and brochure ideas) so you can immediately start building a thriving niche Real Estate IRA practice.

Deeper Career and Client Satisfaction

When your clients succeed, you succeed. This is a core belief of the Real Estate IRA University™. We have created a unique and highly successful business model that rewards you for implementing the retirement, investment, financial and/or legacy planning needs of your clients.

Income from Portfolio Investors

You will be able to explain to your clients that since they are using real estate to fund their retirement income needs, they will have predictable monthly income and should never need to cannibalize their principal to pay their bills in retirement. Since they are not living off of the principal, they should never need to worry about outliving their money. They will be able to let their principal grow and leave a financial legacy for family and favorite charities. Stock investors do not have this luxury, if they live too long, they will outlive their money.

Business Development

Jeff Sibel CFP has a coach program that offers advanced techniques. When you sign up for the coaching program, you will learn how to market your new Investment Real Estate Niche Practice with proven methods and results.

1/2 hour of Real Estate IRA Basics and Best Practices coaching.

This is a $125 value.

1/2 hour of “How to Build Real Estate Practice Niche Using Real Estate IRAs”.

This is a $125 value.

Develop a unique expertise that is in demand from anyone looking to retire

Consultative Advising

Advise your clients on how to build wealth and predictable retirement income by buying and selling real estate inside and outside of a Real Estate IRA and Real Estate 401K.

Access to designated Certified Real Estate IRA Advisors™

They can talk to your clients about building a real estate based financial or retirement plan

Join a network of Certified Real Estate Retirement Specialist™

In-depth understanding of the financial planning benefits of owning and investing in real estate to create a dream retirement

Real Estate Retirement Planning Update emails

Discounted Pricing on Jeff Sibel CFP’s Books and marketing materials

Certified Real Estate Retirement Specialist™

Enjoy virtually no competition in your market place as Certified Real Estate Retirement Specialist™.

You can change the financial future of everyone you meet regardless of income or assets.

Certification Options

A Real Estate IRA University Certification will afford you the knowledge and credentials to be able to confidently and competently implement the options available within a Self Directed Retirement Account.

Get Planning Advice

Looking to develop a plan with a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Investment Advisor, Wealth Management Advisor or Asset Management Specialist, our staff can help.