What is a Certified Real Estate IRA Advisor™?

A Certified Real Estate IRA Advisor™ is a Financial Advisor with extensive knowledge of Real Estate IRAs/401Ks, Roth Real Estate IRAs/401Ks and how their clients can benefit from owning real estate when creating a financial, retirement and estate plan.

They can show you how to make retirement planning easier and more predictable.  If the financial planning objective is to retire, they can build a clearly defined and date specific retirement plan with real estate as a core investment holding then add stocks and bonds for liquidity and diversification.  They have specialized expertise to advise their clients with all forms of dedicated retirement assets and how a truly Self-directed 401Ks and IRAs properly invested in real estate and other non-traditional investment may offer less risk and better return than a stock portfolio.

Since Real Estate IRAs/401Ks and Roth Real Estate IRAs/401Ks provide high monthly income there should be no need to touch the principal (except for Required Minimum Distributions) this allows the retirement account to grow into a fortune.  These real estate investors will need comprehensive financial, estate and Real Estate IRA/401K legacy planning which a Certified Real Estate IRA Advisor™ can and will provide.

In short, a Certified Real Estate IRA Advisor™ provides investment and financial planning advice that no other financial advisors can offer.

At Graduate Real Estate IRA University, we are constantly updating and improving the standards necessary to provide individuals with accreditations of GRIU, Certified Real Estate IRA Advisor and Certified Real Estate IRA Specialist. The accreditation standards, which are developed, designed and monitored in-house, will insure that any individual carrying these distinctions lives up to the extremely high standards we have set and continue to develop.

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A Real Estate IRA University Certification will afford you the knowledge and credentials to be able to confidently and competently implement the options available within a Self Directed Retirement Account.

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