Certification Options

Real Estate IRA University A Certified Real Estate IRA Advisor™ is a Financial Advisor while a Certified Real Estate IRA Specialist™ is a Real Estate Agent or Real Estate specific, support services provider. Both cirtifications offer an extensive knowledge of Real Estate IRAs/401Ks, Roth Real Estate IRAs/401Ks and how their clients can benefit from owning real estate when creating or implementing a financial, retirement or estate plan.

Investor Information

Real Estate IRA University The sad truth is that most people invest their retirement assets the wrong way by investing most or all their money in assets like stocks that provide unpredictable returns. If these same investors changed from investing most of their money in stocks to investing in real estate, they could retire sooner with less money invested and have their income and principal grow during their retirement.

Certification Options

A Real Estate IRA University Certification will afford you the knowledge and credentials to be able to confidently and competently implement the options available within a Self Directed Retirement Account.

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