About Us

The Real Estate IRA University™ is dedicated to change the way everyone (not just the rich) saves and invests for retirement.   We believe that everyone should build a clearly defined and date specific retirement plan with real estate as a core investment holding and then add stocks and bonds for liquidity and diversification.  We believe everyone—not just the wealthy—desire exceptional investment and real estate advice.

For individual investors, we certify Financial Advisors that can offer advice on non-traditional investments like real estate, tax lien certificates, private mortgage and other qualified options.    These Certified Real Estate IRA Advisors™ have agreed to offer a Complimentary Consultation at no cost or obligation to help you quickly determine whether you are on track for your dream retirement or whether you need some assistance on achieve your retirement, investment, financial and/or legacy planning goals.

Our network of Certified Real Estate IRA Specialists™ has extensive knowledge and work closely with the Certified Real Estate IRA Advisor™ with the implementation of the retirement, investment, financial and/or legacy planning.

These real estate professionals possess highly specialized knowledge of Real Estate IRAs, Roth Real Estate IRAs and how to buy and sell real estate inside and outside of qualified retirement plans.

The Real Estate IRA University™ was established to educate and certify Financial Advisor and real estate professional to work together to service the needs of everyone regardless of net worth or income.

There is no ideal investment.    Every investment involves different types of risk.   It is really a question of which investment options provide the highest probability of success for the least amount of risk.    Real estate is the only investment that provides predictable returns and financial planning results even in a market without appreciation in the value of real estate owned.

Certification Options

A Real Estate IRA University Certification will afford you the knowledge and credentials to be able to confidently and competently implement the options available within a Self Directed Retirement Account.

Get Planning Advice

Looking to develop a plan with a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Investment Advisor, Wealth Management Advisor or Asset Management Specialist, our staff can help.